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1:1 Consultation

Talk with Paolo

Let’s get to know each other. Let me know about your goals, experience, lifestyle and attitude.

There is nothing better than talking face-to-face to your personal trainer to organise together your health and fitness changes.

Meal Plans

Personalised Nutrition

I will give you an advanced, comprehensive and sustainable nutritional plan according to your diet requirements, personal schedule and taste.

I will adjust it on an ongoing basis accordingly to your body and metabolism response to ensure the best results.

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1:1 Training & Workout Plans

A Tailored Workout Program

A specialised training program will be given to you tailored specifically for your goal. It will change every 4 to 6 weeks in order to allow consistent progress. Are you training at home? No problem, I’ll get you covered.
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Messaging, Videos, Diet & Training Plans

My online coaching app is extremely comprehensive and highly customised. It includes everything you need to get the best results from your training and nutrition plan. Stay accountable and in contact with me through in-app messaging, videos, weekly check-ins, and diet and training updates.

Plus, it’s completely free!

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Let's get you real results!

Are you getting ready for summer? For a photoshoot? For your wedding? Have you finally decided to get in shape or maybe step on stage?

No matter your starting point or past experiences, I have the solution to make you LEAN, MUSCULAR and STRONG.

Let’s work to achieve your ultimate goal or set a new one together.

Weekly Check-Ins

Feedback From Paolo​

Once a week, we will review your progress and adjust your plan accordingly if needed.

You will get a reminder to upload your photos and fill out your weekly form, and then you will receive video feedback from me like I was there with you.

This way, we can keep everything on track without missing a beat!

Make a positive impact on your self.

1:1 Training from $99/week

The best and most comprehensive plan to achieve your desired results.

"I'm very proud every time someone send me photos, and we see such amazing results!", Paolo

peresonal training results - before 1 peresonal training results - after 1
peresonal training results - before 7 peresonal training results - after 7
peresonal training results - before 2 peresonal training results - after 2
peresonal training results - before 5 peresonal training results - after 5
peresonal training results - before 8 peresonal training results - after 8
peresonal training results - before 6 peresonal training results - after 6

"When I get success stories my whole world lights up!", Paolo

You'll never find a more motivating and dedicated personal trainer.
"I first started training with Paolo back in late 2017, and all I can say is you'll never find a more motivating and dedicated personal trainer. The amount of self-confidence and strength he gave me to reach my goals is out of this world. And I've lost 10kg! I can't recommend him enough to help you start your fitness journey or even help you reach the goals that you feel you can't reach alone. Definitely the best PT ever!"
Faith F.
Perth, WA
Paolo is an amazing and experienced trainer.
“I love how motivating he is during each session and how he pushes me to work harder each time. I have also adopted healthier eating habits, thanks to Paolo! Fun fact: I went from chair body weight squats to 75kg BB squats (my body weight) in 6 months!”
Andrea P.
Perth, WA
The best coach!!!
"What to say about Paolo? ...Simply the best coach you could ever work with!"
Silvia C.
Perth, WA
He is always professional and attentive in each session.
Paolo is definitely an expert in his field, he understood what it was I was looking for and built out programs to ensure I would see results. His programs and sessions always consisted of a good balance between pushing me and making me feel like I could always do more. He is always professional and attentive in each session but always found time to have a laugh, and some fun and made me feel comfortable outside of my comfort zone, which made it easy for me to be accountable. I highly recommend working with Paolo to anyone seeking knowledge, support, achieve results, and feel empowered and motivated."
Loui N.
Melbourne, VIC
The most dedicated person I have ever met.
"Paolo is one of the most, if not the most, dedicated person I have ever met. The passion and drive he has in fitness is something unique and incredible. I have learned a ton from him, and his enthusiasm for health and fitness is contagious."
Goran T.
Gothenburg, Sweden
Feeling great and seeing results!
“His holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time. Call him today!!!”
Lisa D.
Sydney, NSW
Dedicated to helping people achieve their goals.
"From March to Oct (7 months) of training one-to-one sessions, I was able to build my strength and confidence and lose weight. It took time, effort and determination to get back on stage. Paolo's encouragement, positive mindset, support and training helped me overcome any problems or worries. I have competed before and trained with other trainers. However, Paolo has an enormous amount of knowledge, skill, experience and expertise that is the best in the business. He is hard-working, reliable and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. I highly recommend him as a trainer to help people lose weight or go the next level up into bodybuilding."
Shelley C.
Geraldton, WA


Get 3 emails with helpful advice

I’ll send you three emails with some of my go-to workout and meal plans.

If you haven’t unsubscribed after that or joined at least the DIY Plan then you’ll get an email now and then with some helpful advice direct from me, Paolo.

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